Greetings from Wholesaler Connect

We’re glad you found us. Wholesaler Connect is a framework that provides background services to large scale Microsoft Web-based wholesale and ecommerce applications. It uses modern Microsoft technologies like Visual Studio, Internet Information Server and SQL Server to power the industry leading pharmaceutical ordering service.

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Most large business-to-business applications require background processing services that take significant amounts of time and capital to develop. PharmSaver was no exception. Whether it is a pharmacy purchase order upload or wholesaler inventory refersh, every single transaction is important and must be 100% accurate. Wholesaler Connect plays an important part by providing this functionality:

  • Site Administration (SA) - Control panel, Secured Access and Auditing
  • Background Processing Engine (BSBP) - Job Scheduling and Handling
  • Interface Management (IM) - Support for EDI X12, TXT, CSV, Microsoft Excel and other data interchange formats
  • Web Services (WS) - Web Service APIs for a variety of tasks
  • Directory Maintenance Services (DMS) - File Archival and Cleanup
  • Email Service (MailBase) - Secure, Fast Email delivery via SMTP Relay, SendGrid or ElasticMail API
  • FTP Service (FTPBase) - File Transfer using FTP or sFTP

Wholesaler Connect is built on secure, cloud-enabled Microsoft SQL Server databases and modern, proven technologies. If you’d like to know how Wholesaler Connect can CONNECT your pharmaceutical wholesale operation please contact sales at 813-961-1494.